Around the World with SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu!

November 15, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu is taking its customer on a culinary journey around the world with its newly revamped menu that introduces a wide breadth of international flavors to the popular waterside hangout.

With a storied history of more than two decades in the Malaysian food scene, the SOULed OUT Group of restaurant is known for its SO Lip-Smaking Food that inspires returning regulars to recommend it t friends and family. As one of five SOULed OUT franchisees throughout Malaysia, SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu welcomes more than 30 new additions to their menu as part of its continuous efforts to elevate the comfort food proposition on which the brand has been built.

"The additions to the menu are about inclusion and embracing diverse cuisines from around the world. We want to cater to a wider range of taste profiles, so no matter what you are in the mood for, you can get it at SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu. We are excited about the new menu and proud of this longstanding, mutually beneficial partnership with franchise owners Anthony and Janet." said Cassie Wong, Head of Marketing for the SOULed OUT Group.

From authentic yet elevated vegetarian classics like 'Kakiage' and 'Eggplant Curry', to modern takes on comfort food, inclding 'Hokkien Mee', 'Beef Ragout Pasta', and 'Lamb Pie', the new offerings bring a slew of the most iconic dishes from around the world to SOULed OUT.

On the SO Thirst-Quenching Drinks front, eight new playfully unique cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks like the adventurous 'Jackfruit Mojito' and quirky 'Coco Pandan Smoothie' will wet whistle and bring grins to the most jaded of beverages connoisseurs. For those with a sweet tooth, the new menu introduces six desserts with fanciful, pop-cultures inspired names like 'The Yoda' and 'Pink Panther' which are guaranteed to be the hit among kids and grown-ups alike.

This revamp at SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu marks the adoption of the new menu across all SOULed OUT outlets. Interested parties can call 088-275922 / 016-8299268for reservations at SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu.

SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu’s new menu is populated with contemporary, iconic dishes from around the world, not to mention a slew of unique deserts, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy, all under one roof. 

SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu’s new menu offers customers a culinary experience which will take them around the world

The SOULed OUT Kota Kinabalu team welcoming locals and tourists alike to check out their new menu

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