August 21, 2018

Hi Everyone!

We back at it again with my new lipstick collection from Color Studio Professional! As you can see here I got a box contain 6 different shades. They're all in different formula. 2 Velvet, 2 Lustre, and 2 Matte lipstick.

LUSTRE: Cashmere (left) , Girl Power (right)

PURE MATTE: Purplish (left) , Reborn (right)

VELVET: Karisma (left) , Pomegranate (right)
They are all super creamy and easy to apply. Even their matte shade is moisturizing and does not dry my lips. With only one swipe, I can get the the perfect colour on my lips. I will include the swatches and video of me using all 6 lipstick, from there you can see all shades are very pigmented.

Actually Color Studio Professional comes with 44 lipstick shades. Wow so many colours to choose! They do sell it individually but you can also get their subscription box and receive a box of 6 fabulous lipsticks like mine here. With that, you save up to 50%! Each tube contains 4.5 grams of products.

The swatches. My original picture without edit, no contrast, no filter. This is the original colours from the lipstick.

Watch me tested all 6 shades in the video below:

Looking at my video, you can see how smooth and easy I applied on my lips. I don't even need to use pencil brush to put the lipstick on. All shades are beautiful but I love 'Cashmere' more. It is one of my favourite shades and I used it almost everyday now because the colour is soft, natural, and matches with all makeup look. What do you think? What's your favourite shade? Let me know.

Oh btw, this is not a local Malaysian brand but they do shipped worldwide so everyone get the chance to enjoy their products. You can head to their website as they also sell other different beauty products. Do I recommend it? Yes totally! The quality is good, very pigmented, and smooth application. But keep in mind they are not transfer-proof. So don't forget to touch-up and reapply the lipstick after a few hours. But still, I'm not mad about it. Still good quality.

Psss.... a quick heads up! I also tried their new blush and contour palette. I never like to wear blushes, but Color Studio Professional just changed my mind! Why? Bishhh I took a selfie, and my makeup look cute AF with a touch of pink blush on my cheek.

yes i am using 'cashmere' here :)

For more info, visit:

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  1. lama tak pakai bullet lipstick ni.. asyik pakai liquid lipstick je.. Tapi nampak memang senang apply lipstick ni.. nice colors too :)

    1. haha kan... sebab mostly orang jual liquid lipstick skg sejak Kylie cosmetic keluar di pasaran hehe but once in a while back to bullet lipstick pun ok jugak... :)


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