Fragrances from Le Jardin Retrouvé

August 04, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

So today's blogpost is not about makeup related. I want to talk about perfumes that I received last month. A Parisian Perfume House called Le Jardin Retrouvé send me their product so thank you so much for that. Yass I got a perfume all the way from France~ :)

They send a box of perfume, contain 7 fragrances inside and I believe it is called The 7 Day Program. You got to use each day with a new fragrance. Here are the names:
  • Monday: Eau des Délices.
  • Tuesday: Verveine d'Été.
  • Wednesday: Citron Boboli.
  • Thursday: Rose Trocadero.
  • Friday: Tubéreuse Trianon.
  • Saturday: Tubéreuse Trianon.
  • Sunday: Cuir de Russie.

Of course I don't understand any of the words, and I can't talk much about it because everything is in France. But I really do like these perfumes. They told me the fragrances they develop are light and fresh, and are reflection of nature. It essentially built around natural essence of high quality, and they are all free from animal product. 

Although the scent is not my style, and I don't usually wear natural, flowery kinda smell, but I like the fact that they are all in small sizes which is very convenient to bring around. I gave all 7 perfumes to my dad because he likes how it smells. They are all like a 'pure old era kinda smell' he said. Do you get what he mean? Haha!

It is long lasting? Yes... The scent actually last up to 8hours.

Please check out their website, they also have tons of different perfumes available, and they shipped worldwide! Sekali sekala belanja parents korang perfume dari luar negara pun best jugak hehe! Beautiful packaging, memang sesuai untuk buat hadiah for your special one.

For more info, please visit:

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