Grab Care Premiere Foundation [REVIEW]

July 18, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

I want to share a new foundation that I got last week from Grab Care. This foundation is still new in the market so that is why I want to share my experience and maybe you also would like to try it after reading my review here.

When I got one in hand, I just realized they only have one shade available. Why you ask? Because they claimed it to match all skintones. Sounds like too good to be true, kan? Okay then I tested it on my face with full makeup. Surprisingly it's true! Tidak terlalu cerah, tidak terlalu gelap. The colour match perfectly on my skin. Thumbs up for that!

Oh by the way, I noticed it has small glitter on the foundation. When I blend it on my face, I can see macam ada effect shiny-shiny / glitter-glitter dekat muka. I think the purpose is to make your face look glowing after application.

This foundation is in SPF35, and light to medium coverage. I personally think it is not full coverage. But still, it can helps covered up my redness and any discoloration on the face which is good. So I got no complaint on that.

Here is my video of using Grab Care Premiere Foundation. If you like this foundation, feel free to check out their Instagram, they posted so many pictures of other people using this products.

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