Cue Smooch Lipstick

July 23, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

My lipstick collections are out of control! My boyfriend said I should stop reviewing lip products because I don't have enough space for my makeup hehe But guess what? I will never stop and nobody can tell me to stop. Period. By saying that, I got 2 new shades of lipstick from Cuepido. Haha see? I told you my collection will keep growing :)


I got mine in shades Veron and Daphy

This lipstick is very pigmented, I love the colour with only one swipe you can already see how strong and pigmented they are. Cuepido claims that Cue Smooch Lipstick is a luxurious highly-pigmented lipstick dresses the lips with an extreme long lasting power and antioxidant care. Formulated with castor seed oil and vitamin E to soften and protect the lips for a smooth satin or matte finish.

When I tried it, again the colour is very pigmented. I got no complaint about that. But it does transfer so I have to be careful because I don't want the colour to transfer on my hijab or cloth. Well you know, things happened sometimes and without noticing you got lipstick stain all over your cloths especially after having a meal haha!

Oh talked about stain.... Because the pigmentation is very strong, it stained my lips even after I removed it using makeup remover. It stained until on the next day. I'm actually okay with it because it makes me look like I was wearing makeup at home hihi


The price is RM160.00 and you will get 2 shades of lipstick in a box. You get to choose which colours you prefer from their website.

Please do visit their Instagram as they posted so many photos of this lipstick, it might help you in choosing the best shades for your order.

Instagram: @cuepido

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  1. dion and enya catch my eyes the most!

    1. I could never looks good in dark lipstick. For some reason dark lipcolour makes me look old and I don't like it haha


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