Try new makeup brand that I never heard before. How was it?

March 04, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!

Last few days my boyfriend and I go for a shopping at Imago Shopping Mall here in my hometown, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. As soon as we arrived, I noticed there is a new shop opened at the 1st floor. The shop is called THE MOST, and it is located next to F.O.S. They are selling clothes and makeup!

Here my screenshot from Imago's Instagram account:

Honestly I don't really care about the clothes they are selling. I just go straight into makeup hall haha! So what I noticed that they have quite a few brand available there. Brand that I never heard before. There are a few products that caught my attention. But as for now, I only managed to grab these two items:

Like I mentioned just now, they have many other makeup brand available. The one that I got here is by NOVO. Not sure where it from, I'm guessing Korea because the words at the back of the packaging is in Korean. 

The price is affordable. This eyeshadow is only RM28, and RM20 for the lipstick. How's the quality and pigmentation? It's okay. I mean, you can see from the pictures above, both are very pigmented. I love the lipstick colour. As for the eyeshadow, the colours are beautiful, very pigmented but when I try to apply it on my lids, the colour was it hard to blend evenly all over the lids. There's nothing wrong with it, it just that you need some times to blend and build up the colours that you want. But overall, I guess for affordable makeup, I got no complaint. Here are my final look using these two products:

What do you think? If you like it and wanna buy one for yourself, jom pegi IMAGO :)

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