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January 30, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Last week I got beauty products from Mikaseries. They sell a few products  which I really interested to try, and I thought why not share it with you girls. These are the products that I got:

  1. MIKAPORE (RM39.90)
  2. MIKAGLO (RM39.90)
  3. MIKALIPZ (RM35.00)
I will share my thought and review on each products one by one yah. Let's start with MIKAPORE first because that it my most favourite hehe


This is obviously for makeup base. This is what you should apply on your face before starting any makeup. It can helps to cover your large pores, makes everything so smooth before apply your foundation. It is very important to have a clean canvas (clean and smooth skin face) when you are doing your makeup. 

I notice my skin become soft after application. I only use just a small amount and blend it all over my face using a sponge provided inside the packaging. You can blend using your finger if you prefer but just make sure your hand is clean before touching your face.

As you can see from the picture above, the product is in light green colour. That's mean it also can help in reducing the redness on your face. By reducing redness I mean, when you put foundation or face powder later, the redness on your face can be covered more effectively because this base is already control the colour (redness) on your problem area.

Other benefits of MIKAPORE:
  • Lightweight
  • Soften the skin
  • Help the makeup last longer
  • Act as a makeup base.
  • Covers the large pores.
  • Cancelling dry skin face.
  • Suitable for all skin type.


Okay the second product that I got is 2 ways cake powder, called Mikaglo. Why 2 ways cake powder? Because it can act as a foundation (2 in 1). Meaning, you can wear this product alone without using your normal liquid foundation. Mikaglo has powder + foundation formula which can covers the imperfection on your face.

As you can see from the picture above, they have 2 colours available (Glo 1, and Glo 2). Maybe you can't tell the different, because my lighting brighten up everything so the colour look the same. But trust me, in real life, Glo 1 is for fair/light skin, and Glo 2 is for a natural skintone. Let me break it down for you for easy understanding.

Mikaglo colour options (refer the picture above):

  • on the left. GLO 1: for fair/light skintone. 
  • on the right. GLO 2: for natural skintone.
Just in case you're wondering, mine is in GLO 1. I find Glo 2 is a bit darker for me so yeah I chose Glo 1 instead. How to choose? Try swatch it on your jawline, and choose the colour that is closest to your real skintone. You can see that in my video below. 

Do I like this product? Yes ofcourse. It has very nice coverage for a face powder. Even without concealer and foundation, this powder alone can helps correcting my pigmentation and redness around my problem area. And what I like the most is that it gives that smooth finish. I cannot stop touching my cheek after use it. So smooth I like. Haha! It does not look cakey at all. Tidak bertompok hokeyy people!

Other benefits of MIKAGLO:
  • Skintone correction.
  • Gives smooth and glowy effect.
  • Lightweight. Does not feel heavy on the face.
  • Has nice scent on it.
  • Does not gives streaky line.
  • Long lasting.
  • Helps cancelling oily looking face.


Mikalipz is a lipbalm, suitable for both man and women. Why man? Because the colour is not too intense. As you can see from the picture above, it gives that subtle pink touch so that your lips will not look so pale. If you have a problem where your lips often gets very dry (like me), you should wear a lipbalm to remove all those dry and crack lips. You can use it anytime, everyday tho.

As for me, I prefer to use it before I apply my lipstick on. This lipbalm is so smooth that it removes the dry skin on my lips, and makes my lipstick look so beautiful. And it also gives that cooling effect on the lips because of the mint fresh ingredient. Smells so nice too!

    MIKALIPZ is suitable for:
    • Smoker.
    • Sensitive lips.
    • Dry lips.
    • Man and women. 


    Okay so the last product that I got from MikaSeries is this black mask. Yes it is a peel off mask. You can use it all over your face (except eye area), wait for a few minutes until it gets  dry, and just remove it by peeling it off, and wash any remaining product on your face. As easy as that! I used it a few times now and I notice my skin will get smoother and smoother right after I wash the product away. The reason why is because this product helps to removes our dead skin on the face, giving that super soft skin after usage.

    pssss... even while I'm typing this post I am currently using it right now. Waiting it to dry. I love that feeling when I peeled it off my face haha! It doesn't hurt by the way. I have seen other black peel mask on the internet where people screamed while peeling it off because it so hard and hurt to remove. But not this one. No no. Nothing like that at all. 

    This Mika Black Mask able to unclog pores, but will not leaving your skin dry after usage because it has hydrating formula that keeps your skin look healthy, smooth, and clear.

    Below is my 1 minute video of using Mika Series products.

    For more info, visit their Insta Shop @mikaseries

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