Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow by Glam X Cosmetics (REVIEW)

January 13, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

To be honest, I love when Instagramers posted their 'over-the-top' makeup look. Hands down, they all very creative. My favourite is when they use glitter on the eyelids. The glitter pops out the colour and it so beautiful with the shining effect on the eyes. So..... I thought I would give it a try too!

Glitter is not my forte. Trust me. It is not easy at it seems. When you working with glitter, you're working with a mess! I hate to clean it all, everything goes down to my cheek, lips, on my hand, my makeup table, on the floor. Cleaning it is very pain in the a$$.... But if you slayin the makeup look, the glitter is actually helps everything look professional and beautiful. No pain, no gain they say.

Well in this matter, I collaborate with Glam X Cosmetics. I found out that they sell pressed glitter eyeshadow and all of them looks so so so sparkle, shiny, and beautiful. I love it! So I got two colours here:



 Oh my god did you see that? The sparkle! I cannot! I cannot! Sorry for being annoying but I cannot!... handle the sparkle-ness, beautiful-ness, shining-ness of these babies. Haha if you get what I mean.

I believe it cost RM45.00 each. It's a little up there for a single pressed glitter. But it sure is in good quality, so why not spend a little bit for this lil guy. If you are not interested with glitter eyeshadow, it's okay. They also sell other makeup products like eyeshadow palette, lashes, cream bronzer, blusher, and liquid lipstick. So head to their website to see more. Click here.

Like I said, I love glitter but it is not my forte. But it wouldn't hurt to try. So here is my final look with glitter eyeshadow using Glam X Cosmetics.

I mean... It's okay, right? Still on fleek, right? Hope so haha! So show some love and support, visit their website if you want to buy their products. And don't forget to follow their Instagram as they share lots of beautiful Instagramers makeup look whose using their products. So if you buy their makeup, be sure to tag them. Maybe you will get the chance to be feature in their Instagram feed. Sekali sekala muka muncul dalam IG orang lain best jugak kan.

Instagram: glamxcosmetics

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