Christmas / New Year Gift from CUEPIDO

January 01, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here. How was your 2017? We all have been through years and years with so many ups and downs. For you out there, reading my blog, I just wanna say you are very strong person. You live up another day with dreams and ambitions. Be sure to wake up and achieve whatever your goals are. I am here with the same mission in life. To be successful, and happier. Simple but hard to achieve.

Speaking of being happy, I am here to tell you that Cuepido did make me smile few weeks ago by sending me a Christmas / New Year gift. I got 4 shades of new lipgloss! Ofcourse I am happy. I got to add up my makeup collection here haha! If you following me on Instagram (@nadhiraizzati), you probably knew what I'm talking about. But here are the products:

This lip product is called LIPPILOCKS by Cuepido. They all came in 5 shades. Previously they send me only 1 shade, which is in 'Mellow'. It more like a nude tone colour. So this time they send me the rest of the shade just like you see above. All four is more like a pinkish and redish kinda colour. Very bright and high pigment. 

I love it because it gives that soft shine glossy finish, which makes your lips look plump like Kylie Jenner haha! Although it is a lipgloss, but you can see the colour is very opaque. So you don't have to wear lipstick underneath. Just use this one product alone can also gives the colour you want. Again, very high pigment.

Also, it is not sticky like any other lipgloss. I have a few lipgloss here that are very sticky when I applied it on my lips. I can't even talked properly because the texture is very sticky, and I feel everything is thick and heavy on my lips. BUT.... This Lippilocks is nothing like that, which I like. You should give it a try too!

It is non-drying formula so there will be no dry lips or crack lips while you having fun going out with your friends at the mall when using this product. But you might need to do some touch up after a sip of coffee because it transferred.

Below are my photos using two of the shades, FORTE, and PIXY..

And I will also include a quick 1 minute video of me using all 4 shades so you can see how it looks like after applying it on the lips. Just to give you an idea which colour might suit you best.

Btw babes, you don't need a lip liner when you use this product. Trust me, everything so smooth and easy to apply. Just look at my photos below, everything look smooth, shiny, and PLUMP! (most important haha)


You can use my discount code NADHIRA10 to get 10% off for your purchase on their website.
Discount code valid until 31 January 2018

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