Breena Beauty 12 Makeup Brushes Set (REVIEW)

January 12, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi! Malaysian beauty bloggers / youtubers/ Instagramers out there, you probably knew who Sabrina Tajudin is. She is also a beauty blogger like me (except with a huge more followers lah) and now turned it entrepreneur. She is selling her own makeup brand since 2 years ago? 3 years ago? I'm not sure. I am so happy for her. From only one face powder brush, to matte lipstick, to makeup sponges, now she sell 12 essential makeup brushes for us all! All of her products very high quality, and affordable. Murah rezeki you Sab alhamdulillah :)

If you look on their website and Instagram, they (Sab and her team) often post a pictures to keep things update. These brushes comes in 12 set all together but you can still buy individual if you prefer. You can buy it through her website, her agents, or now her brand is expanding and available on your local nearby store. Again, I am super happy for you Sab! Please people, show some love, support her because I know you will like her products. Especially her Velvetcreme matte liquid lipstick. Hands down, people love it! I saw many blogger used her products and promoting the brand. Sumpah kau mesti suka lah :)

If you follow my Instagram (please follow if you haven't I love you kbye), I used her brushes in most of my makeup look. The bristles are very soft, and it picked up products perfectly. It cost RM338 for all 12 makeup brushes. It consist 6 face brushes, and 6 eye brushes. I literally don't need other brush to do my makeup because everything I need is already included in the set.  

For individual brush, it cost only around RM25-RM39 depending on what type of brush you want as different brushes have different price. You can take a look at their website for more info.

Breena Beauty
Instagram: @breenabeauty


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