January 15, 2018

Hello girls! You all know how I love makeup so much. I posted makeup video, and selfies on my Instagram almost everyday. Never get bored of it. Sometimes I got a question where people wondering how I remove all those makeup because I wear waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, matte lipstick which can be very hard to clean. So today I want to show you what product I used to remove all those makeup.

Few months ago a friend of mine was kind enough to send me one of the product that she sell. It is a cleansing balm called Clean It Zero by Banila Co. It is my first time ever heard of this product so I guess why not give it a try and see how it works.

As you can see from the pictures above, the product is quite big (100ml). It's in the same size of my palm. The lid is in smooth, metallic, pink colour. The smell is nice too! Like a clean, citrus fragrance. Not too overpowering, so you will not feel uncomfortable when using it.

This cleansing balm removes my makeup with ease. I used it specifically for my matte liquid lipstick because that is where I'm struggling to remove. You know how some matte lipstick can be waterproof and smudge-proof, right? It won't budge a bit. So I try to use it with this cleansing balm, rubbed it all over my lips using fingers, rinse with water and taraa! Then I use my liquid makeup remover (I will talk more about it in my future post) to remove the rest of my makeup.

Yes it is very easy to use, and not greasy at all. Oh I almost forgot, the product did provide a small scoop in the box. So it is easier for you to scoop out the product instead using a finger or nail. Very nice of them to provide the scoop in my opinion. That way, it is more clean because you don't have to dip in your finger inside. (but too bad I've lost mine so yeah I had too use my finger instead haha! tragic).

Here I will show you how I normally clean my makeup, and how effective this cleansing balm is. Watch my video below.

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