Airy Cushion foundation by Soop Nature (REVIEW)

January 20, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

I am so happy when Alyia is now come up with her own new product. She is now slowly become an entrepreneur which is good for her. I never acturally meet her in real-life but she is also like me, who loves makeup so much. She is a Youtuber, and I love all her videos because she edited it all with those cute, pinky pastel colours to match her personality. Again, I never meet her in person but we have been following each other on social media, and even drop a comment quite sometimes. So yeah, it's like a social media friends hehe

So few months ago, I guess on November 2017 she launched her own product called Airy Cushion Foundation. I believe it is because the foundation gives a light and natural finish, that is why she named it Airy Cushion. 

Code: Milkytea (Natural Light)

The packaging is really cute! I told you she loves cute stuff :)

This foundation is in SPF50 which means it has UV protection and act as a sunblock. It is in natural to medium coverage. Because it claims to gives a natural finish look, so the coverage is also natural and light. But you can definitely build up the coverage by applying 2 layers of this foundation. Don't worry, it will not look cakey.

When I testing out this product the other day, I was actually going out until late at night. By the time I get back home, I noticed the foundation is still there. It still look perfect on my skin. No smudging, no oily. So yes it is long-lasting foundation. I approve that! :)

However, this Airy Cushion Foundation only comes in 2 colours. If you have a similar skintone as mine, you can try Milkytea. But if you have a darker skintone, try Sweet Latte instead.
  • Milkytea (natural light)
  • Sweet Latte (medium) 
I wanted to show you how I use this product. Below is my video.

Soop Nature is currently having a sale. You will get 13% discount and a free gift on your purchase! I'm not sure when this sale ended, but what I know it is time-limited. So I suggest you should grab this opportunity and get one! You will not be disappointed with the foundation. If you don't believe me, visit their Insta shop. They posted the customer's feedback and you can read it there. Thank me later! :)

More info, visit
Instagram: @soopnature

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  1. Thank you so much this review. Recently, I did my makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron, so I need to practice a lot to improve my skill. I will try this for sure. <3


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