Dusky Rose Eyeshadow

December 27, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Have you ever heard about Dusky Rose beauty company? Nope. That is because they're new in the market. Yes girl, please do support local Malaysian brand. The reason why I love local brand is because most of the company very serious about their products, the quality just as same as the famous brand out there except, local brand are wayyyy more affordable. So siapa yang tak nak, kan? Support lah local brand, baru lah best sama-sama naik, tak gitew?? :)

So yes Dusky Rose is one of em. They send me false lashes, metallic foil eyeshadow, and glitter eyeshadow. Semua best tau! Tapi my favourite is their metallic foil eyeshadow. Very high pigment, colour is also very nice, easy to apply, and complete my whole eye makeup beautifully.

LEFT: Glitter Eyeshadow (code Rose Quartz). RIGHT: Metallic Foil Eyeshadow (code Halo Light).

Honestly I have not try their eyelashes yet. But it looks super comfortable. The one that I got here is very natural looking lashes. So yeah I guess it's suitable for simple everyday look. I might try it on today as I will go out to town these afternoon. Yeah so lets see how it goes. But both the eyeshadow? I love! Totally recommend it. Please go and buy for yourself as well then you know what I mean hehe.

Here my makeup look using the eyeshadow:

Metallic Foil Eyeshadow (code Halo Light) in the center.
Glitter Eyeshadow (code Rose Quartz) in the center.

 If you follow their Instagram account (@duskyrose.my), you will see they have so many other colours available. Not just eyeshadow and false lashes, but they also sell lip product! You should definitely drop by and see which one you like.

Btw, here are some of the colours of their eyeshadow available

Glitter Eyeshadow

Metallic Foil Eyeshadow

So girls, what u think? Which colour is your favourite? Let me know in the comment down below.

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