Designer Imposter Body Spray, and Topicrem Face and Body Milk (REVIEW)

September 12, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Few weeks ago I received 3 products from I already posted about the Maxi Plus Mixed Fruit Juice here, and today I got another 2 products that I cannot wait to share. Make sure you checkout my review on the Fruit Juice yahhh because I love it so much and I think you will love it too as it's really good in boosting your metabolism in the body, thus it can help you lost weight.

Okay so the second product that I want to talk about this fragrance deodorant / body spray by Designer Imposter. Designer Imposter provide top quality fragrances in affordable prices. So if you cannot afford to but those expensive perfume, you can try the one from Designer Imposter instead. Almost like a dupe lah. You cannot smell any different than the original.

If you check Comian website, you will see they have more than 20 types of fragrance / body spray available. So mine here I chose ROCK IT BY DESIGNER IMPOSTER which is a dupe for Viva LA Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture. Oh my God you gonna love it! Why? Because the smell is exactly the same like Juicy Couture perfume. Except mine here cost only Rm41.00. Very affordable, right? Plus, the fragrance stay all day! I normally sprayed it all over my body before I go to work. And you know what? All my colleagues puji I smell nice haha! Even my boyfriend said the same thing. So yes I totally recommend you to try out one of those Designer Imposter perfume. Link here.

Okay aside from that, I also received the third product from Comian and this time it is face and body moisturizing cream from Topicrem. Though I only tried the sample, but because I love the cream so much, I might want to buy the actual product in the future. 

It is suitable for both adult, and children. Topicrem can help to moisturize the skin even for sensitive skin. (yes it is suitable for normal and sensitive skin condition). Topicrem have two separate product actually. One is specific only for body, and the other one is only for the face. Both work amazing and helps my skin appear smooth and eliminate those dry skin that I have. If you're like me which have a dry skin-condition, you might wanna try Topicrem as it is an Ultra-moisturizing body milk, and helps to improve your dehydrated skin.

Topicrem Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk (200ml)

  • 24hours moisturizing
  • Absorb quickly into the skin
  • Improve dry skin
  • Paraben free
  • Pleasant smell
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy
  • Milky texture
Topicrem Light Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream (75ml)

  • 24hours hydration effectiveness
  • Suitable for normal, and sensitive skin
  • Soft and melting texture
  • Soothes skin
  • Eliminate dry skin
  • Paraben free

I already used it a few times now and I had no negative experience using it. I have sensitive skin too, but thank God the product works just fine for me. My skin is so smooth now because I used it til the very last bit of it haha! The sample that they gave me is not enough. I need more! See how great the cream is? You should try it too. The face cream cost around Rm98.50, and the body milk is Rm75.15. Checkout Comian for more info. Link here.

Quick shoutout! Comian will be having #MYCYBERSALES discount from as low as Rm1 on 9th-13th October 2017. So make sure you visit their website and shop! They also have lots of skincare products available to choose from. 

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