Masquerade Eyeshadow by Juvias Makeup Look

August 02, 2017

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. Yasss I just wanted to tell you girls that I just recently upload a new makeup tutorial on my Youtube channel. I used my new eyeshadow palette, The Masquerade Eyeshadow by Juvia's Place. I watched so many beauty gurus on YT using the palette, and I can see why they love it so much. I mean, the pigmentation is da boom! And I cannot believe how beautiful this palette is. I just can't wait to buy their other stuff, I heard a lot positive review about the brand.

Basically, the palette is made inspired by African festivities. So that explained why the palette contain both bold and neutrals colours. It is very easy to blend, and also perfect for beginner as it have a few neutral shade that suitable for everyday eye-makeup. But if you prefer dramatic eye-makeup with colourdul eyeshadow, then this palette also have all that! Perfect combination in just one palette. Nice!

I understand the colour will look best with eyeshadow primer, but I don't have that so I skip that part. You can watch my full makeup tutorial down below. Please also subscribe to my channel if you haven't. It would be great if you show love and support on my small channel here :)

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