Natural makeup turned into 'not so natural'

July 26, 2017

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today's blogpost is not about product review but instead, I am writing this post just wanna have a friendly chit-chat with my readers since recently I haven't done one in my blog. 

So today is actually my off-day. So I was planning to go out with my boyfriend to post office, meet up some friends in town, have lunch, and maybe head to cinema. I thought I was gonna do a very simple / natural makeup since it's very hot here now in Kota Kinabalu, I don't want my makeup to melt away. I am sure I'm gonna be sweating all over fhewwwwww......

As soon as I took the beauty blender sponge, and my foundation, there I was thinking 'oh maybe I can wear red lipstick today'... 'oh maybe I can draw my eyebrow a bit higher'... 'maybe put a contact lens on'......

And ended up like this......

Very natural lah sangat! Haha!

Then I get in the car, my boyfriend was like 'you sure looks beautiful but.... but.... I only wear slipper... Now I feel tidak sepadan. You look like you about to go to grand dinner in hotel or something' 

Hahaha kesian.... Not my fault but yes he did wear slipper in the mall. And I walking around with my high heels. Now I feel like melebih-lebih macam mak Datin pun ada -_-

But the most amazing thing was, he noticed something.

'Did you put highlight on your chin? And the tip of your nose?'

And I was like 'you noticed? Thank God my almost 1hour makeup tidak sia-sia' Bhahaha! Jarang lelaki focus the small little thing yang macam tak berapa nak penting tu kan ..... XD

Btw, Idk how girls going out and wear black lipstick. Salute! Level confident tinggi. Just like my outfit says 'Be Confident' .... XD

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