Super Flawless Foundation by NAC Cosmetics [REVIEW]

June 08, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Yesterday I uploaded a quick 1minute video on my Instagram account (@nadhiraizzati). There, I showed my first time trying out this new foundation that I got from NAC Cosmetics called Super Flawless Foundation.

Look at the design of the bottle. I'm so impressed with their packaging. I don't think I would throw it away even when I finished using it. Don't you think the same?

This liquid foundation contain SPF35 which helps to protect your skin from overly exposed to sunlight. Also contain Vitamin E and C to help reduce the black spots on your skin. Yes girl, it basically treat your skin while using makeup. How cool is that?

1 or 2 pumps is enough to covers the whole face. I suggest to blend the product using your fingers (just make sure it is clean), or your makeup brush. You can also use a damp makeup sponge but from my experience, you have to blend it quickly as the product dry faster.

Btw, this Super Flawless Foundation  is very lightweight. Because it is only a light coverage foundation, you may want to apply a second layer if you want to achieve that extra flawless looking skin (for my skin, 1 layer is enough).

Girl, let me tell you. This foundation smells good! I can't describe how it smells like. Fruits? Maybe? I'm not sure but it does smells great. This is my first time using a foundation that have a pleasant smell.

I understand they only come in 1 shade. At first, I thought it was way too light for me. I don't think it would matches my skintone. But you know me, I always slayed any makeup, any products haha! So yeah, this is the result :

 More info, visit:

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