Keysyia Lip Icing Matte Liquid Lipstick

May 20, 2017

Hello everyone!

There are lots of new local brand coming out in the market especially beauty products. And I am so excited when I got the opportunity to try some of them. Well, supporting a local brand can't never go wrong. 

So if you followed me on Instagram, I bet you have seen these product posted on my feed. Yupp, I talked about it last month. It is matte lipstick from Keysyia Cosmetics. (search @keysyiacosmeticshq on IG). Unfortunately I forgot to took the photo of the actually product, the packaging, design, and all. Sorry about that. But I have all the swatches of all 12 shades here).

Pink shades

Brown shades

Red shades

I am wearing Devil's Food Cake.
Yes, it comes in 12 shades and all the names are based on cakes and desserts. The scents? Ahh it smells exactly like vanilla + chocolate. Long Lasting, matte, waterproof, transferproof, and comfortable to wear.

The only downside is, I noticed some of the shades (not all) are quite hard to apply. It takes a few swipe or layer to get the perfect pigmentation on the lips. 

But other than that, this matte lipstick is gorgeous.

If you girls wish to get it, go check it on Instagram @keysyiacosmeticshq .

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