Wispies Lashes Malaysia (Bulu Mata Halus dan Selesa)

April 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum everyone!

I wanted to tell you that currently I am selling the best quality of eyelashes for you makeup junkie! It has been available for a month now on my Instagram @nadhiraizzati. Thank you so much for those who support me and bought the eyelashes. I know you gonna love it as much as I do, plus the price is very affordable. How can you not buy it when it only cost Rm8 per pair? What?! Yes seriously. Only Rm8.00 :)

It is made from human hair, so it is very lightweight. Does not feel heavy at all. I am a fan of eyelashes so I am very picky with the one that is suitable and comfortable to wear. So when I chose Wispies Lashes, you got to try it too! Seriously tho, You will love it.

I got a few designs here that you can choose. From natural, to super dramatic drag queen eyelashes haha! For cosplay makeup, maybe?

So girl, if you wish to try these lashes, do follow me on my Instagram. I will update photos daily, and DM me there to purchase. Fast reply ofcourse! :)

Instagram: @nadhiraizzati

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  1. Suka tengok buku mata dan orang pakai bulu mata...hehe...lagi digabung dengan lens...letop sangat...


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