Purple Lips and Glitter Eyeliner ft. Palladio Beauty

January 28, 2017

Hello everyone!

Have you seen my latest makeup look on my Youtube channel? The look that I did was not my everyday makeup obviously since the lip colour is very dark but still I noticed some people are brave enough to go out with dark lipstick so I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it out myself, ayte?

Palladio send out 5 makeup products last week, and I used it all in my latest makeup video. This is my first time ever heard about this brand, and I understand they will be available in Guardian Malaysian soon! So you girls can try it. I am telling you, their lip product are amazing! Why? Because they are super pigmented and long lasting. I have seen so many photos on Instagram where people took a selfie wearing Palladio products. They all look gorgeous. I even draw my eyeliner using the same purple lip colour that I used on my lips. Except, I add a touch of self-made glitter on it to make everything looks fearless :D

Watch the makeup tutorial

Palladio's product details:

Palladio Dual Wet and Dry Foundation (RM45.90). This foundation can be apply both wet or dry finish. In the video on top, I used it wet to achieve  more coverage and make it last longer on my face. As you can see, this foundation comes with makeup sponge under the compact. And also it has 6 shades available for your skin colour. Running out of the product? Do not worry as they selling the refill pans on their website here. 

Palladio Velvet Matte Lipstick (RM25.90). My favourite product of them all! The colour is super pigmented. Go watch the video above if you don't believe me and see it yourself how the colour glides easily on my lips with only one swipe. It is also matte, who can say no to matte lipstick nowadays. However, i noticed this lip product is not transfer-prove. But I don't really mind because the colour is so beautiful. I might get other different shades for my new collection soon! I understand they have 12 shades available so that is a good news :) pssss.... it does not dry your lips. Thumbs up!

Palladio Eyeshadow Quad (RM30.90). This eyeshadow consist of 2 matte and 2 shimmery shades. The colour looks natural when I wear it. It will transfer better if you use finger or the sponge applicator that comes together with the eyeshadow.

Palladio Aqua Force Mascara (RM38.90). Whenever I choose a mascara, I will always get a waterproof one. This baby is very easy to apply. I mean, it glides smoothly on my eyelashes and with only one coat, it covered all my eyelashes and make it look fuller. 

Palladio Liquid Concealer (RM28.90). This concealer removes my dark under-eye area, and eliminate redness around my nose and lips perfectly. However, it dry really fast so I had to blend it really really really quick using a makeup sponge. With only Rm28.90, this guy can cover up most of your imperfection on your face with no problem :)



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  1. cantiknya u pki purple still nmpk air muka soft. klu liz pakai msti org lari tkt

    1. hehe sy pakai purple pun actually nmpak mcm garang... but i still love the colour :)


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