Neutral Cut Crease Eye Makeup

January 03, 2017

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share this makeup look with you today. I never did a cut crease eye before as I am a fan of smokey eye type of makeup. So this is kinda new for me but still, it does look great even for an Asian eyes (because we have a small space of eyelids). Definitely would wear this look again in the future for special occasion. You should try it too!

Here is my photo of the cut crease makeup, along with the tutorial that I just uploaded in my Youtube channel. This video is a bit different from my other videos. Girls, you can hear me talking in this video! So awkward haha! You will see how crazy I actually am in real life.

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  1. Well. All the pictures look so good! I just feel like owning them all OMG. So cute

  2. I like your makeup look! You look good :)


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