January 01, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Happy 2017! Ahh it is that time of the year, where people making a new year resolutions. Well, how was your 2016? I am here very happy as I read through most of the status in Facebook, and captions in Instagram mentioned they had a great journey in 2016 and they feel very thankful for that. Good for you, I am glad :)

I can't say much about my 2016. It was one hella tough year! I faced so many difficulties since the very beginning of 2016 until the end. I shut myself alone, did not met much of my friends, less talking, stressed out on unreasonable things, suffered with anxiety (my mom thought I had depression since she noticed I act differently for quite some times), I keep things private, rejecting people, neglecting stuff that I love to do, lack of motivation, and the list goes on.

Haaaa very tough. Yeah I know. I am tired myself. That was the actual reason why I haven't post much in my blog these few months. I don't have anything in my mind so I can't write. There were a few times I cried in the middle of the night, didn't have anything to say but I didn't feel happy in the same time. Asking for help but can't find the problem. I used to be very friendly and talkative person. Now it's just..... not me anymore. So yeah I gained weight a little. I see food as the only way out. (well, atleast food makes me happy for a while though).

But you know what? I will not gonna let it overtake me this time. It will never be the same. I hope so....... I will only surround myself with positive people, contact my friends again, go out and explore more, learn new things, do what I love to do, and most important, be happy.

Hope you guys have a great journey in 2017 onward. Have a nice day, you guys are amazing. 


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