Red Tone Makeup Look

December 28, 2016

Hello everyone!

Recently I saw a few photos on Instagram, gorgeous lip colour with a red tone eye makeup. So I thought I would give it a try since I never put on a red eyeshadow for my makeup look. I used to think that red eyeshadow was not an everyday look, and there is no way I could go out with red colour on my lids.

But I guess I proved myself that I was wrong, huhh? Red tone eye makeup is not that bad if I look at my photos and video below. Well, I did turn down the colour a bit by blending it with burgundy eyeshadow so that it does not look too intense. 


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  1. Alhamdulillah terima kasih berkongsi tutorial make up ya...suka kak PC tengok.. :)

  2. You're so pretty and I love how your scarf and makeup looks effortlessly beautiful on you :)

    1. i never put a proper hijab. as long as it covers my hair, then I'm good to go XD


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