Wishlist: Black and White Room Deco

September 03, 2016

I am actually in the middle of re-decorating my room. I have to admit, it is very tiring and time consuming since my mood keeps changing from time to time. So it is very hard for me to maintain on the things that I want to buy for my room since I keep changing the themes.

But because I always searching on Instagram, Pinterest, and We Heart It for a room decoration, I can say I am now more into a black and white colour. So that is what I am going to do! Plus, black has always been my favourite colour but I know it will never be suitable to put a dark colour for your bedroom so I am planning to put as much as white colour as possible in my room, and only add a little bit of black details so it will not going to look just a plain white room.

Oh btw, my room now is a mess! I don't like it. It is in pink because I told my dad that I only wanted a pink and white colour for my room. Well yeah I grown up, I am 24 now, and I don't want pink room anymore haha!

As I was searching for a room deco inspiration, I found a few cool photos that I want to share it with you guys. It looks super simple but nice. Maybe it can help giving you an ideas for your room as well.

*i don't own any of these photos

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