Train To Busan Review (without spoiling anything)

September 04, 2016

Today I got a chance to watched Train To Busan, a Korean apocalypse thriller film which just came out on the cinema. If you're a fan of World War Z, or The Walking Dead (which also my favourite), then you might want to see this movie. I am not going to spoil anything tho, I am not going to tell you about the storyline, who's dead and who stay alive, or anything. I'm not a spoiler! Well it is because this movie is awesome, however very straight forward as the tittle 'Train To Busan' so we all know it is about a bunch of people on their way to Busan, and things bad just happen in the journey.

This movie played by Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, and a few more actors that I don't really familiar since it is a Korean film and I'm not quite a fan of K-Pop nor K-Drama. So this is kinda new to me :)

If you think this is like the other Korean drama with lovey-dovey story in it, then you're totally wrong! This one is a badass! I love it! Just my style. However, I think you should not bring along children underage. The reason why is because... Like I said, this is a very badass movie with blood spilled all over here and there.

Again, badass movie? Yes. But still I cried a lot few times watching it. I don't want to tell you why. Enough saying that was because of some characters died protecting their family members haha! I know you guys now are like this is totally not a review since you do not get any further details, but hey, it is because I want YOU to go and watch it now! You will not be regret.

Train To Busan Trailer

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