Scented Body Scrub by SweetGlo Scrubs

August 23, 2016

When it comes to choosing a body products, I am very picky especially on the one that has a very strong scents on it. So recently I received these 3 body scrubs which also happens to be a scented body scrub. I was afraid that I might not be comfortable with the smells, but surprisingly it smells really good which brings up the mood of feeling fresh after taking a shower.

I am currently working in a 4 star hotel kitchen department. So working in the food preparation area might not be as 'relax' as other department in the hotel. We work really hard for 10-12hours, going back home with our body full with sweat and smells really really really bad. No kidding! Everyday I just can't wait to go home to take a shower.

I used this body scrub and rub it all over my body to remove all those dirt, and sweat. Yass I love how this product gives a nice scents on my body after shower.

SweetGlo Scrubs promotes these handmade body scrubs using only natural sourced ingredients and formulated with no chemical preservatives. What's nice is that they make them per order so we as a customers will receive a fresh scrubs everytime we buy from them.

Since they're still new in the market, they only have 3 types of body scrub available.




I am currently in love with Purple Blush, and Citrus Pop. Mocha Latte? Emm not so much because the coffee scent is too strong for me, and I don't think I want to put something that smells like caffeine on my skin heh! But those other two? Love it! I basically used it 3-4 times a week.

I am totally recommend you to try this product and support them. The price is very affordable, only RM25 each! But if you buy RM100 and above, you will get free delivery. Nice, right? And I understand they are working on a new scents! Ah, can't wait to try them out too.

For more info, visit:
Instagram: @sweetglo.scrubs

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  1. thinking nak pakai body scrub gel lak after this *check wallet jap* huhu

  2. body scrub actually penting for your skin sbb dye blh remove kulit2 mati, dan bersihkan kotoran pada kulit bdn... :)


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