How To Handle Anxiety

August 25, 2016

If you are one of those people who worries a lot about random things, and don't always have a peaceful mind? Then we have something in common. Not to brag or glad about it. It is one scary feeling when it strikes in, and it is so hard to deal with because it affect your attitude and emotion. It does go away, but always come back again. It's like a ghost! Keeps hunting you a few times in a year.

But thank God, I don't suffer with this anxiety for 3 months now. I know it will come back somehow in the future, but as for the time being, I would like to share with you on how I deal with my anxiety everytime it gets in. Some people might suffering on worst case of anxiety such as panic attack or so they called an Anxiety Disorder which lead them to a racing heart, nausea, or intense fear.

1) Calm yourself, and focus.
Breath deeply as it can help to reduce your stress. This might sounds nothing but a proper breathing will help you focus and overcome your panic attack. When you think your mind and body cooled down a bit, try to think what is happening and what situation are you dealing with at that time.

2) Control your mind and thoughts.
This is what I like to do. Take control on what's in your mind. This is the process of you replacing the negative thoughts into the things that makes you happy and calm. I always say this to people, "Remove any negativity, and stay positive". It actually helps me a lot. For example, people used to make fun of me because I was fat. I did get anxiety a few times because of my physical appearance. But then I said to myself, "those people are negative people, I still got hundreds of friends who keep supporting me and accept me for who I am. I know I am fat, but doesn't mean I will look like this for ever".

3) Healthy living lifestyle.
Take care of your body. A good diet, and exercise don't cure anxiety but it does overcome it. Do some exercise and for some reason you will feel peace and relax. Avoid caffeine as it can makes you feel more tense, and not getting much sleep.

4) Keep yourself busy.
Sitting and wandering around with nothing to do will worsen the anxiety attack. Do something and distract your mind on other things like hangout with friends and family, blogging, cleaning, cooking, basically anything that keeps you busy. But make sure the tasks are not something that could stress you out even more. What's good is that you do something that you love, your hobby perhaps? That will lighten up your mood.

5) Music.
This is also one of my favourite thing to do when I'm handling anxiety. Music makes me calm, and helps me getting back on the right track. Use a headphone to help you concentrate on the music. Some lyrics are truly gets into you so you might want to enjoy the songs instead of focusing on your fear.

If your panic attack or anxiety is getting worse, it is best for you to seek help from a doctor or therapist. 

Final advice, gather your strength back and pray. Whatever problem or fear that you're dealing with, always remember your Creator. Ask for His help, insyaAllah :)

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