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July 02, 2016

Another series of answering some questions tag today! I love Q n A session since I love sharing facts about me with my readers. I want you guys to get to know me better, not just as a blogger and a readers. Atleast you don't think I'm just another stranger who share some stupid makeup looks on social media, huhh?

1) When is your birthday?
- 21 April 1992

2) What are the 3 of your favourite colours?
- Black
- White
- Pink

3) What is your favourite quotes?
- "I am selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to deal. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" - Marilyn Monroe

4) Are you addicted to Youtube?
- Yes! I learned a lot just by Youtube. Even makeup :)

5) What are 3 of your favourite shows on Tv or Youtube or both?
- The Nanny
- Click Network channel (Youtube)
- Bubzvlog (Youtube)

6) What are 3 qualities you like in a best friend?
- No judgement
- Trustworthy
- Support

7) Do you like your name?
- Yes ofcourse. Nadhira Izzati is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning too!

8) If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be?
- Never thought about changing my name.

9) What is your fantasy dream?
- Having so many weird cute pets (almost look like a Pokemon)

10) Do you wear makeup?
- 100% totally!

11) If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?
- I always thought about wanting to write a book about THE LIFE OF ANXIETY? Hahaha!

12) What makes you cry?
- When the anxiety kicks on, I could cry about a lots of random things.

13) What makes you angry?
- Someone who hard to deal with?

14) What makes you happy?
- Successful career.

15) What is "Fangirling"?
- I had to Google it first. Basically it is a female obsession over their favourite actor or person?

16)What are your 3 favourite snacks?
- Anything related to chocolate and cheese.

17) What are your 3 favourite books?
- Not gonna lie, I don't like books haha! Currently in the process and practice to read more informative and inspiration books during my free time. I'm trying tho.

18) What are your 3 favourite drinks?
- Lets make it 4. Coke / Diet Coke, Orange Juice, H2O, and Green Tea

19) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am currently 24 years old who look like 20, with only 5ft tall. I love makeup and beauty so much but my character and characteristics shows the opposite.

20) What are 10 random facts about you?
- I hate vegetables.
- Easily get annoyed.
- My grandmother is Chinese.
- Dealing with anxiety once or twice in a year.
- Not so innocent.
- Easily gain weight. I can gain 5kg in just 2 days if I want to.
- Obsess with my own eyebrows.
- Just lost 18kg recently.
- Very stubborn.
- Love to eat and sleep.

*I tag you to answer this 20 questions! Have a nice day ahead :)

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  1. Didn't think I'd ever find another The Nanny fan who's also a beauty blogger! :D
    I watch ClickNetwork too. What's your favourite program?
    Hari here, Malaysian beauty blogger as well and I'm a guy!


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