The Mute (special effect makeup) Inspired by Glam and Gore

May 17, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

I think it has been a year since I did a special effect makeup. Yes, I really miss doing some nasty-bloody looking makeup! So I guess why not now? I wanted to improve my skill, but since I haven't done any special effect for a very long time, today I give it a shot! 

I was looking at some random videos on Youtube, and I remember Glam and Gore always posted an awesome special effect makeup on her Youtube and Instagram account. As I was looking through her videos, I then got inspired to do this 'Speak No Evil' makeup that she did, and yeah it looks super badass! 

Yupp, I recreated the look and it was fun! Well ofcourse my skill is not that great as her, but hey, I think..... I did a pretty good job ^_^

I know nothing about editing so I can't edit my background. So spoil lah! Oh well, atleast you can see a sneak peek of my bedroom with some missing puzzle of a kitten image at the back :D

List of items used:

  • Red lipstick
  • Cotton pad / cotton ball
  • Latex
  • Fake blood (click here to see how I make my fake blood at home!)
  • Red, brown, black, and purple eyeshadow
  • Liquid foundation

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