Shop For Sephora and Earn Your Money Back at ShopBack Malaysia!

May 20, 2016

Not gonna lie, I love shopping. Who doesn't! I get to buy all the things that I wanted, enjoying every single minutes that I took to choose which and what items should I buy. And at the end of the day, I would cry seeing how much money I have spend haha! But not at ShopBack Malaysia! This is the site where you can enjoy shop for your favourite things and still get your cash back. Can you believe it? How cool is that?! Okay calm down girls, I know you starting to feel excited right now, and you want to know more, right?

What is ShopBack Malaysia?
ShopBack is an online shopping deals site for earning cashback after you're done shopping through their website. You will see there are so many popular brand available, including Zalora, Lazada, Clinelle, and more. They also offer a voucher codes AND a discount for your purchase, you will then get back a percentage of the money that you spent on your orders, which later can be cashed out into your bank account for real cash! Sounds interesting, right? Awesome I would say :)

What's more awesome is when Sephora is also available to shop! I never thought about spending so much money on Sephora and get my cash back after purchased. So crazy! But now yes, it possible girls. It possible. You can now shop eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, even skincare, then get your cashback on top of Sephora coupons! Feww~ I almost running out of breath here. Too much excitement going on.

But first, don't forget to sign-up at the website. You can just using your email or Facebook. And after that, don't forget to check your email because they will send you RM5 bonus when you make your first purchase. Redeem that!

Going back to the website, I immediately look for the categories > Fashion > Beauty. Because I love beauty products so much, you have no idea how happy I am get to know that we all can now save more with the latest beauty deals offered at ShopBack.

There are literally so many beauty brands that you can choose. When I clicked on 'Sephora', there was this quick reminder:

You have to stay on the same window / browser for you to be able to get your cash back later. So you need to read carefully the guideline provided, otherwise, you can't get back your money after all those excitement buying Sephora's makeup :P

From here, you can basically choose which ever products that you interested to buy, and proceed with the purchasing process. Just follow the steps, fill in the details and everything. Remember, don't forget to check your email after purchased. They will send you the details regarding your cashback and how much money you earned!

Look how gorgeous these lipsticks, I just can't wait to get my hand on it!
So what are you waiting for, visit ShopBack Malaysia and together we can start earning while online shopping!


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