[NEW] OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash: For Extra Fair, Smooth & Oil-Free Skin

May 15, 2016

OXY's latest innovation in facial wash will be the choice of Malaysian teens. Not only does this new facial wash effectively cleanse your face but it also brightens, smoothens and controls the shine on your skin. OXY's Whitening Oil Control Wash is definitely the ideal faciah wash for any teens!

This new innovation comes with an advance new formulation and technology which helps to achieves:
  1. Fair, brighter skin
  2. Control shine
  3. Minimize appearance of pores
  4. Deeply cleanses
  5. 72-hour moisturization just by washing your face
Here are the reasons why this new OXY facial wash will be voted by teens as their ideal facial wash:

Giga White Technology
Introducing the new Giga White Technology, a new whitening active ingredient consisting of 7 types of Swiss Alphine plants ie Mallow, Lady's Mantle, Balm Mint, Peppermint, Speedwell Herb, Yarrow and Primula. Not only does the Giga White provide excellent whitening and brightening effect for a fairer and smoother skin but it also helps to prevent the melanin formation on our skin.

Herbal Microbeads
The microbeads encapsulates 9 whitening and oil control herbal extracts which releases upon application on skin to boost the whitening and oil control efficacy.

Consisting of 2 types of Oil Control herbal extract ie Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil and Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, helps to regulate sebum production to reduce excess oil, prevent skin irritation, resulting to improve skin appearance.

Pentavitin is a Belgian Wheat Active Ingredient that provides instant hydration to the skin for as long as 72 hours. Furthermore, skin does not feel tight and dry after wash.

The OXY Whitening Oil-Control Wash also penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to effectively remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped withing pores while at the same time refines the skin and minimize the appearance of pores for a more refined and radiant appearance.

Available in two pack sizes:
RM8.50 (50g)
RM13.90 (100g)

Available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

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