Dark Lipstick Makes Me Look Older??

May 18, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

'Black' has always been my favourite colour. I can guarantee you, most of my outfits in my closet are in dark colours. Black, grey, dark grey, dark brown. Yes I live in the darkness. Oh wait! But pink is also my second favourite colour, can you believe it? It's totally weird. 

When it comes to my lipstick collection, I have so many pink lipstick but only had a few dark lip colour because it tend to makes me look mature and 5 years older. Not it a bad way though. I noticed people with dark lipstick appears very nice and confident. For some reason darker lip colour gives you the 'independent-women' look, and feels so powerful and inspired.

Compare to a lighter colour, pink for example. Everytime I took a picture with a pink lipstick on, I look much younger and innocent but depends it depends on the eye makeup as well. 

That's why sometimes people can't tell my real age. They're so confused :P 

Lipstick game so strong!

But this morning I was in the mood to try out a few darker lipstick that I had, you know... Just for fun. And also because I want to show you how much differences colour lipstick can make to your face. Below are photos of me wearing a pink lipstick and a few of the darker colours for comparison.

(this is how I normally looks like on daily basis)

compare with

Dark Purple
Blue-ish Black
Noticed how matured and fierce I look with dark lips? I don't feel comfortable wearing dark lipstick though but I guess it does look good sometimes. I look at Instagram and feel a bit jealous with those girls rocking the darkest black lipstick and walking around the town like nobody care. You go girl! I salute....

I can't wear dark lipstick outside but I am sure can wear dark outfits everyday. Just look at my pictures above. So goth with everything in black, yeah it match with my pink wall bedroom *died laughing! With two moods swing on and off, sorry I can't help it.

p/s: notice how black lipstick makes my skin appears pale? so i'm in the Twilight movie now? :D

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  1. In fact, dark lipstick makes you look a lot much older... I have the same issue with that kind of shades, although I think they are pretty, I do not wear them anymore because I think makeup should make me look better not older! Hahahaha 🀢🏻


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