Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalms by Mentholatum

April 18, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

Hey girls, another new lipbalm product is now available on the market! It is by Mentholatum, and this new product is features with a formulation of unique brown sugar recipe which works to smoothen your your lips, keep it feeling hydrated and soft. For those who didn't know, brown sugar is actually good for dry lips, because it helps to exfoliate the lips and give you a healthy smooth looking lips.

Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm is available in four different shades of pink which are:

  • 01 Vintage Pink
  • 02 Dancing Pink
  • 03 Kissy Pink
  • 04 Rock n Pink
Apart from the brown sugar formulation, this new lipbalm also enriched with moisturizing ingredient to provide long-lasting and ensuring soft and supple lips all day long. 

As you can see here, I got two Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm, which are in code 02 and 04. Oh btw, look at the 02 Dancing Pink picture above, noticed it has like some glitters on it? When I applied the product on my lips, I felt like there was a scrub on my lips. So I guess the 'glitters' are actually the brown sugar.

Based on the swatches above, because it is a lipbalm so the colours are very soft and light. Suitable for those who don't like a bright striking lipstick but still want to add some colour on the lips.

02 Dancing Pink

04 Rock n Pink

If you ask me which shade is my favourite? I choose 04 !!

Sugar Liip Coloured Lipbalm is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets with the price Rm15.80 each starting February 2016. So go grab yours! :)

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  1. hi, nadhira izzati..i'm nadia a beauty lover like you. ^^
    you have a really beautiful lips..i like the color of dancing pink, it makes your skintone look brighter n have that innocent this lip color and ur eye makeup makes it look more on korean style of make up..hope to see more from u! good job

  2. hello nadia... thanks for your compliment :)

    yes the dancing pink lipbalm does gave me that innocent look. For those who prefer a more light pinkish colour on the lips, this could be their choice.

    Thanks for reading my blog tho. I will post up more product review in the future. Have a nice day^^


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