My Secret of Beauty Facial Mask

April 09, 2016

I was supposed to post about this product 2 months ago. But because I was too busy with my college life as a student, there are times that I can't arrange my time for other things. Yes I'm bad at time management sometimes. Meh!

Well hey, I want to introduce another awesome product for you girls. Why do I say so? Because it can totally make your skin glow and smooth! My Secret of Beauty or also known as MSB is a facial mask formulated in France, manufactured in Hong Kong, and deliver to us here in Malaysia. Unlike any other facial mask that I had tried before, this mask produced with ultra-thin and transparent silk mask that can stick perfectly on your face.

Personally, I really love the box. It is in black, and has a gold design printed on top of the box. Make it look more exclusive and luxury. Inside the box, you will get 7 pieces of face mask with 3 different types of mask which are:
  • Hydrating Mask
  • Brightening Mask
  • Anti-Aging Mask
"Fresh as the ocean"
Hydrating Mask

Hydrating Mask. This one is my favourite of all three! Why? Because I have a very dry skin, and sometimes it is very hard for me to apply my foundation and face powder evenly on the face because of that dry skin peeling off on my face. Very disgusting, I know! I did put moisturizer on my face, but hey, a lil bit of pamper is not gonna hurt. So I wear this mask to moisturize my skin even more. Guess what? After 20-30 minutes, the mask dried which mean all product on the mask have been absorb into your skin. I took out the mask and rinse my face. Wallah! My face feels super smooth and my makeup looks amazing without the dry skin! No joke! Trust me on this haha

"Still cute as ever"
Anti-Aging Mask
Anti-Aging Mask. I am only 24 years old, but sometimes I can see the sign of aging on my face with a few wrinkles here and there. I did get panic sometimes haha! Don't lie girls, I bet most of us here worried when seeing those lines. So with this anti-aging mask, same method, I wear it for 20-30 minutes. Let me tell you, this baby here helps to boosts your skin elasticity, and make your skin plumper, and younger. Well, maybe you can't really see the obvious differences. But you know your skin better, you can definitely feel some changes before and after application. The skin will feel fresh, and more firm.

"Bright like clear blue sky"
Brightening Mask
Brightening Mask. Let me tell you my experience. Last month, I've joined a program with 65 other classmates. We go for a camping for 3 days, and for that 3 days we have to go for a jungle tracking and a few other extreme activities on the jungle. Well ofcourse I had to be exposed to sunlight most of the time. After the camping, I look myself in the mirror and cannot believe how darker my skin have become. Immediately I took this mask out of the box and applied it on my face. Can you believe it if I tell you that my skin is now looking fair as before in less than a week! Yupp! That is because this mask helps to repair your damage tissue and uneven skintone.

More info, please visit:
Instagram: @msobeauty

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