Gran's Remedy: For Smelly Feet and Footwear (REVIEW)

November 09, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Yes I am back with another product review ofcourse. As usual. But for today's review, as you can see from the title above, it is not a beauty product. Gran's Remedy Malaysia was kind enough to send me one of their product. Please be inform that I don't usually had a problem with stinky shoes or feet. I am not as gross as you think, but heyy, sometimes we can't avoid sweaty feet after a long hours wearing the same shoes everyday. And yes sometimes my shoes does stinks and smells like 'you don't wanna know'.

I stopped wearing one of my favourite shoes since it smells really stink and unbearable. It was raining heavily and got my shoes wet. You can imagine how horrible it smell on the next day. I'm that type of person who too lazy to wash my own footwear since I was in secondary school. So everytime this things happened, either I leave it or throw it out and buy a new one. Ngeh! Luckily, last month I receive this product and I got the chance to try it out. Who knows it might work without having to throw away my favourite shoes, right?

As you can see, it is in powder formula. Almost like a flour texture. If you want to buy this product, let me remind you. Do not try to sniff it closely, otherwise you will end up like me, where the powder get into my nostril haha! They have 3 different features for you to choose, but mine here is the original one. Means, there is no scent on it but still effective to remove the stinks in your shoes.

How to use this product is very easy. You can either apply the powder directly on your feet before wearing the shoes (but make sure there is no open wounds on your skin) or, you can put 1 spoonful (spoon provided) of the powder inside your shoes. Because I am suffer from Eczema, so my skin is quite sensitive and have a lot of open wounds sometimes, so I just put the powder inside my shoes and wear it like I normally did.

I thought the smell will immediately gone after putting in the powder. But eventually it took about a week, and I used the product one week straight for more effective result. So now it has been 3 weeks and there is no stinky smell at all. I can take my shoes off without feeling embarrassed about the unpleasant smell. I totally recommend this product from Gran's Remedy for you to try it out for yourself. The price is quite affordable, and you only need a very small quantity to make it work and the result will last for months! Maybe I will let my brother use this product after this. He will thank me later :)

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*this product had been given to me for a review purpose. all review above are based on my own experience, and may be differ from others.

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