Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

October 22, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I bet most of you girls already know about the new mascara from Maybelline called Lash Sensational. This is my current favourite drugstore mascara, and I'm totally recommended for you to try. The tube is in a metallic pink colours, curvy bristles make the application goes easier and grab our lashes for the full volume from root to top. Yes, this mascara did a great job in separating the lashes since the bristles are designed to be small on the inner curve, and longer and larger on the outer curve. 

It is also a waterproof mascara. I will never say no to waterproof makeup products since our weather here in Malaysia is very hot and we sweat a lot. Non-waterproof makeup will never last longer if you live in Malaysia. So that is one of the reason why I prefer this new Lash Sensational mascara compared to the previous Rocket Mascara (for some reason, I don't like Rocket Mascara. It doesn't do much for my lashes).

The formula is better, and clump-free. So don't worry for that spider legs eyelash. I have seen a lot of reviews for this same product and their lashes looks great with no clumps. After I tried it on myself, I keep on using this mascara everyday since then. Sometimes I need a time for a natural eye makeup with no fake lashes, so what I did was put on some eyeliner and this Lash Sensational mascara and I'm ready to go! Since my real lashes is very short and straight, it's very hard to find a mascara that can hold the curl longer. But with this Lash Sensational, I have no problem, the curl just stayed until I wash it off.

Short and straight. Not attractive at all bhahaha! And the bottom lashes almost not visible.
With Lash Sensational Mascara
See how longer it is now? Oh, look at my bottom lashes. You can see it now, right? :)
If you girls haven't try this product yet, I suggest you should get one. Good quality and the price is affordable too! Only Rm39.90 and you can find it at Watson, Guardian, and other pharmacies. Go get yours now, again, totally recommended.

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  1. Salam! Ramainyaa orang buat review pasal Mascara ni. kene try ni. sounds greatt!
    Tapi takut jugak sebab so far all of maybelline mascara give a clod effect on my lashes which always irritate my eyes. Since most review that this is good. why not try it right. Thanks for teh review!

  2. Menarik. Teringin jugak nak pakai tapi takut sangat nak pakai mascara. Tengok orang pakai pun mata macam terpejam-pejam jak. Konon-konon takut berus mascara kena anak mata. Hahah.

    1. hehe tu sbb tak biase lah tu smpai tpejam2 tu :D

  3. Dah berthun tak pakai maskara..hahaha...sejak jadi housewife ni la...

    1. takpe, berlawa tuk suami lah pulak lepas ni :)


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