Malaika Facial Treatment Oil

October 28, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I really hate it when my skin starting to dry again during this thick haze here in KL. Other than health, do not think haze cannot affect your skin and hair yah. It's very hard to avoid it since I have to go to college and exposed my skin to that evil air pollution everyday. However, a few weeks ago I decided to try this Malaika Facial Treatment Oil, contain natural ingredient suitable for all skin types especially dry skin condition like mine.

As you can see from the image above, all the ingredients are good for the skin (extra virgin olive oil, lemon oil, castor oil, temu lawak powder, herbs and flowers). This is a non-alcoholic based product, and it is safe for consumers especially for Muslim. Yes, it is Halal so no worries.

Not only good for dry skin, but this product can help to protect your skin from premature skin aging and restore skin smoothness. In terms of removing dark spots, I barely had a pimples and acne scars on my face so I can't tell about that. But one of my friend tested this product and she actually had a few dark spots because of the acne breakout on her face. After a few days using this product, I can see a slightly improvement on her skin. The result was a bit slow yet improving, so that's good.

It comes in a pump tube (refer the picture above), and I can't describe the scent but it does smells really nice! Like a minty, lemon scent? I'm not sure haha! I usually applied it on my face at night before I go to bed. I used a cotton as an applicator but you can use your hand if you prefer. Just make sure it is clean before applying it on your face. Then, after a few minutes, I wash it off using my regular facial cleanser. Because it is in oil form, it was very hard to remove without the facial cleanser. 

Overall, my skin is less dry than before. I still use my regular skincare product, but sometimes I feed my skin with other additional skincare product like this oil treatment or other lotion. As long as it is doing good for you skin, go ahead, give your skin a bit of extra care and attention :)

Price: RM55.00

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  1. Kalau kulit berminyak and selalu tumbuh jerawat sesuai tak pakai Malaika Facial Treatment Oil ni?

  2. Kulit cepat berminyak tak klu pki serum ni sbgi pelembap muka? :)


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