CANMAKE Tokyo 30th Anniversary Event

October 20, 2015

Hi everyone!

Last week I was invited to CANMAKE Tokyo 30th Anniversary and it was held during beautyexpo15 at KL Convention Centre. With the introduction of its latest cosmetic range of natural and light hues and glossy sheen, CANMAKE Tokyo has brought the kawaii makeup trend to here in Malaysia. 

I was lucky when one of my friend decided to joined me to this event so yes she was my photographer for that day, and managed to took a lot of pictures while I was busy looking for a new makeup products at the beautyexpo15.

I got to meet other bloggers, (the gorgeous twins, Iena and Ieda Mansor were there too!) Well, ofcourse I don't have the guts to say hi or anything to the bloggers, so I just stand there and pretended to be the most arrogant person they would ever met bhahaha! (joking)

In this event, they showed a makeup demonstration of the two latest makeup theme which are 'Glossy and Shiny', and 'Colour Coordinate'. Both of the models, Chanwon and Cheesie look so kawaii after the demo using only CANMAKE Tokyo products. I don't have their close up picture but I'm sure you can find it on their instagram.

Dance performance on the stage. 
Celebrating CANMAKE 30th Anniversary
After that, we got an opportunity to visit their booth at beautyexpo15 and shop for their makeup products. Everything were in best price! Who can say no to that?! :)

Everyone seems so excited to buy CANMAKE Tokyo products.
Before I leave, I took a picture with Kaori Anzai from Japan. She is overseas Sales Assistant Manager for CANMAKE Tokyo. As you can see, she dressed in Kimono and looks so cute! I love everything about Japan but I am nothing compared to Japanese women hahahaha! *you're fat and short! you cannot be Japanese lah Nadhira :D

Thank you CANMAKE Tokyo for teaching those kawaii looks, and also how to do kawaii pose for pictures eventhough I am not so kawaii myself :D

Visit CANMAKE Tokyo Malaysia:

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  1. ehhhh!awk pon cantik..more beautiful compare to other japanese ^^

    1. hehe tak blh jadi japanese sbb tak ramping gitewww! xD

  2. Meriahnya suasana. Tapi event macam nie jarang-jarang ada kat sarawak. Huhu

    1. Kan.. kat sabah pun jarang ada beauty event mcm ni.. while staying in kL ni je baru dpt join -_-


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