Basic Eyeshadow and Brow Definer Brush by Breena Beauty

October 14, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Tadaaa... Finally, Breena Beauty come up with a new product. Not one, but two makeup brush! Wohoo! If you girls didn't know, our lovely Malaysian beauty blogger, Sabrina Tajudin had started her own business this year and she promotes a good quality makeup brush with a very affordable price for everyone. Her first product is called Face Luxe Brush. It has been my favourite face brush ever since. If you haven't read my review about it, click here

Okay moving on to her latest products. As you can see, I got two Breena Beauty brush and this time, the name of the brush come out together with a code for easy reference so it is a lot convenient for the users. Oh just in case you're wondering, the box and packaging are slightly the same as the previous face brush. The material and design of the brush are also the same; white handle, rose gold metal for the ferrule, and the bristle is in white and dark brown (almost black) colours.

B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush
Yupp I guess you can tell, this brush is for apply an eyeshadow. But you can also use it to apply a concealer, and contouring. Who can say no to multi-tasking brush, right? You might think it is the same as the regular flat eyeshadow brush but no. It is not thin and flat. The bristle is a bit fluffy so you can blend your eyeshadow using the same brush. That is why I used it to contouring my nose because I can apply and blending it right away with this same B212 brush.

B216 Brow Definer Brush
Yes this one is my favourite! The name itself tells that it is for defining the eyebrow shape. But since it is an angle brush, I can also used it to apply my gel eyeliner. Look at the bristle, it is not too long. And with that perfect length, it actually gives more control and I can draw my brows and eyeliner precisely.You know I'm a huge fan of eyeliner, right? I can never go out without put on my famous wing eyeliner (bhahaha!) so ofcourse I'm happy when I got this B216 brush on my hand. With that brush, just imagine I create a long and fine line wing eyeliner at the outer corner of my eyes. Peghhh I'm a diva. hahaha!

Yes again, just like the previous face brush, Breena Beauty products are cruelty free, and no animal hair used for the brushes. So don't worry, it is suitable for Muslim users.

B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush (RM25.00)
B216 Brow Definer Brush (RM25.00)

For more info, visit:
Instagram: breenabeauty

If you buy her product, she will give you this. Sweet :)

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