[TIPS] How To Choose The Right Pink Lipstick For Your Skintone

September 10, 2015

They say, pink is the new red. It is flirty and fun to wear, and yes of course suitable for any skintone without having it look too bold and overdone. However, many people are too afraid to wear pink lipstick as they say it is too dramatic and attract too much attention on the face. Well, that is why there have tons of different pink lipstick colours that you can choose. Weather you prefer a nude pink, rosy pink, or even a barbie bright pink colour. Choose the one that you comfortable with, and here are some of my tips on how to choose the right pink lipstick for your skintone.

Fair/Light skintone: For light or pale skintone, Avoid a very light pink lipstick as it will makes your face look more pale and tired. If you want to look dramatic, try hot pink or fuchsia pink lipstick. Or, you can wear a peachy pink or a rosy pink lipstick to helps your face look more glowy and cute almost like an innocent look. Atleast that what I thought. (example: Just Peachy by Wet n Wild. Please Me by Mac)

Medium skintone: For medium or olive skintone, you can try pink with orange undertone lipstick. For a natural look, choose nude pink (example: Angel by Mac). But for glamorous look, choose barbie pink instead.

Darker/Deep skintone: This skintone look perfect with a very bold pink shades. Magenta and fuchsia are definitely your choice if you want to look glam. (example: Fuchsia Flare by Maybelline). But if you want to try something new, pink lipstick with a purple undertone could be very nice for darker skin colour as it helps to pop out your lips even more. Stay away from any light pink lipstick. 

That's it. Simple and basic info for you to choose the right pink lipstick. However, do remember there is actually no right and wrong in choosing a lipstick colours. Everything are based on what makeup look that you're wearing that day, where you want to go, what clothes do you wearing, and depends on your confident level. If you have a darker skintone and you want to wear light pink lipstick, I say go for it as long as you know how to keep everything balance with your eye makeup, blush colour, hair, or clothes. This is just some tips for those who are not sure enough to choose what kinds of shade that suitable for each skin colours. Hope it helps you a lot. Stay beautiful and be confident!

*image above taken from Pinterest.

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