How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

September 06, 2015

Hi everyone!

Some say it is very important to choose a good quality makeup brushes. But keeping it clean and wash it regularly is also equally important. There are so many tools and makeup cleansers available outside. Yes, I understand that cleaning the makeup brushes is not a fun thing to do especially when you have a tons of brushes. Oh well, a must is a must.

Why is it important for us to wash the makeup brushes? Well, we used it in every single day to apply our makeup. Just imagine all those dirt and germ transfer from the brush to our face. It can cause a lot of unwanted things occur on our face such as acne, redness, itchiness, and worst; infection. For those who have an extremely sensitive skin, you might want to take a consideration to clean your brushes often.

When should we clean the makeup brushes? Haaa the most popular question of all time! Would you be happy if I say you do not have to wash it everyday? Washing the brushes everyday on every after usage might be impossible for some people. Plus, it can damage the bristle. Many experts and makeup professional agree that once or twice in a month is fine as long as you did not share the same makeup brush with other people. You can spray it using a spray cleanser every week, and fully wash it once or twice a month. But for a makeup artist (MUA), you should wash the makeup brushes after every single client. Using the exact same brush used by others without washing it is a no no in makeup industry. 

How to clean the makeup brushes? Again, there are a lot of makeup brush cleanser available in the market nowadays. Choose the one that you prefer, whether an alcohol-based or water-based cleanser. Or, you can use a baby shampoo that you have at home. It is much more gentle for you brushes. Run the bristles under lukewarm water to remove all products. Then, pour a small amount of cleanser on your palm and gently swirl the bristles on the cleanser until you see an excess product coming out. Rinse again with the lukewarm water to clean everything. Make sure the water did not touch the handle and the ferrule so the glue will not loose.

How to dry? Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry the bristles. Gently squeeze the bristles to remove all the water and reshaping the brush to avoid it become frizzy. Then you can keep the bristle downward using a makeup brush holder and let it dry completely. That way, all the excess water will dropping down without getting on the handle and ferrule.

That's all! Very easy, right? So don't be lazy around, go and clean your brushes and make it look good as new. Hope this tips will help you a lot especially for a newbie. Have a nice day :)

*image above taken from Pinterest.

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