Horien Eye Secret 3 Month Disposable Color Contact Lens

September 01, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Colour contact lens have always been my favourite because it can definitely changed my whole look depending on what size and colour that i'm wearing. However, I have a very sensitive eye and it is very hard for me to put it on since my eyes will easily get irritated and turning red which cause the most unpleasant feeling to my eyes. But recently I just received 6 pairs of contact lenses from Horien Eye Secret, which is manufactured in Taiwan.

Very comfortable, and suitable for your daily wear. With their slogan, 'Feel The World Through You Eyes', they provide 6 pairs of beautiful colours contact lenses and each of the colours have a very unique name since they used 'City' as their concept. Let's take a look at all the colours:

Starting with The Sweetheart Series (2-tone)

Vancouver Pink

Madrid Grey

Kiev Blue

Berlin Gold

Now my favourite, The Fantasy Series (3-tone)

Rome Grey

New York Green

Overall, I really love this contact lens. It is so comfortable! I had no trouble applying it on my eyes, no irritates and my eyeball did not turn red even when I wear it for hours, unlike other contact lens that I had tried before which makes me feel dizzy because of unclear vision, I guess??

Although the Sweetheart Series are my favourite, but I also like how the Pink and Gold turn out on my eyes. At first I thought the colour might be too bright, but as soon as I put it on, it looks wearable and the colour turn out just nice, not too dramatic.

More information about Horien Eye Secret Colour Contact Lens:
  • Comes with two series: Fantasy Series (3-tone) and Sweetheart Series (2-tone)
  • 3 month disposable colour contact lens.
  • 38% water content.
  • BC: 8.7mm
  • DIA: 14.2mm (big eyes)
  • Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) colour technology.
  • Meet beauty and health concern.
  • With certificate recognition (you can find about it on their website)

Btw guys, Horien Eye Secret currently having a special promotion!

a) Buy 3 free 2 (Purchase 3 boxes of 55% Monthly soft contact lens you can enjoy another extra 1 box & 60ml solution for free!)
  • 55% soft contact lens: HD Visual experience
  • with aspheric design and HD technology, Horien Eye Secret 55% soft contact lens can avoid visual aberration, ensuring visual acuity even in dark environment.
b) Free Mini Lens case box with every purchase of 38% Monthly soft contact lens or 38% Monthly colour contact lens.

Don't forget to checkout their website to see more of their products offered. 
I'm sure you're gonna like it!

Visit them at:

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