Santa Marche Green Tea Clear Peeling Gel

July 13, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Girls, if you really love green tea, high five! You and I got something in common. Green tea lover! Not only it is good for our body and health, it is also good for your skin and face. Oh talk about green tea and face, here I got one interesting face product for you, called Santa Marche Green Tea Clear Peeling Gel.

This product is formulated Kyoto Uji green tea extract, marine collagen, vitamin C, and other natural ingredient to help removes the dead skin, and excess sebum on your face. This product is recommend for:
  • Enlarged pores with blackheads
  • Dull and rough skin
  • Weekly skin care and maintenance

Why green tea? If you search on the internet, it is proven that there are a lot of amazing skin benefits that you can get from green tea such as slowing down skin aging, lighten skintone, and cell-protecting. The Catechin in Green Tea possess pores tightening function and keeps the skin healthy. Plus, it is rich in vitamin C and E, for flawless skin.

Santa Marche Green Tea Clear Peeling Gel contain no artificial colour. You can see from the picture above, the colour of the gel is a very light green, almost transparent. When I rub the product gently on my skin, I can feel it is cold, and starting to remove all the dirt and dead skin on my face.Unlike any other peeling gel that I own, Santa Marche Green Tea Clear Peeling Gel feels more like 'watery texture' if you start apply it on the skin, not sticky at all since the consistency of the gel is not thick.

  1. Wash face and dry it well.
  2. Take a small amount of green tea gel on your finger, and apply it on your face, neck, or any other desired areas. Avoid your eyes area.
  3. Gently massage in circular motion for a few second until you see a dirt appears, wash your face. 

After washing my face, I can feel my skin is more clean now. I can still see my blackheads on the nose area, but atleast it removes most of the dirt, and oil on my face. I try to touch my face and I can feel it now very smooth because the product helps to moisturize the skin. Yupp no dry skin! Other thing that I like about this product is sometimes when I wash my face, there is still a foundation left on my face. But when I used this green tea gel afterward, it removes everything! It acts as a cleanser too! Thumbs up for that!

200 ml

Retail selling price: 
RM 68.00

Country of origin: 

Available at:

* this product had been given to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own experience, and may be differ from others.

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  1. Wah elok ni untuk menghaluskan kulit dari jerawat halus yang kasar..

  2. I started drinking green tea because of the reported benefits of doing so. I do however enjoy drinking it and will continue to do so unless I have a good reason.
    Organic Green Tea in India


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