Say Goodbye To My Dry Skin on Face!

June 13, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Few months ago, if you girls keep following my blogpost, you will noticed how I keep complaining about my dry skin face. Everyday I was struggled to put on my foundation and face powder evenly but in the end, my skin was extremely dry that all the foundation and powder look patched all over my face especially on my nose, forehead, and mouth areas. Gosh it looked terrible! I don't even dared to stand closely in front of my friends when we're talked because I bet they will saw all the dry skin on my face. Sometimes they even stared and asked 'why your skin look so dry?'. Hahh! So what am I supposed to say? I just need to find the solution!

So about a month ago, I tried out a few products by Neesya Skincare. And I did posted the review about it (click here). You ask how is my face skin condition right now? It is amazing! Smooth and no more dry skin! No kidding. Although I did not apply the products everyday (sometimes I forgot), but it still do the job. It really helps rehydrate the skin. Now I don't have to worry about my foundation or powder look uneven.

Not just about the products, but I also trained myself to drink a lot of mineral water everyday and less intake of any sugary / sweet water. It is now improves my skin and become more smooth, fresh, and soft.

Just in case you want to take a look on the Neesya Skincare products mention above, you can try visit their website, or instagram and facebook page to see more information about the products. I will provide all their links below:

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