Playing with Makeup #2

June 24, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

So yesterday I was in that mood to play around with my makeup again. Yasss~ In my previous post (link provided above), you can see that I put on some warm colours which were maroon, brown, and burgundy eyeshadow, with brown-red eyebrows. But yesterday I was thinking to do something more into orange-ish eye makeup. And don't worry, this time I will draw my eyebrow back to the normal colour haha!

The first thing that I did was ofcourse to draw my eyebrow. I used a dark brown eyeshadow and applied it using a very thin flat eyeshadow. Then I applied some foundation on top and bottom of my brow to clean everything and to achieve that sharp looking eyebrow shape.

120 Manly eyeshadow palette
I used dark brown to draw my eyebrow
Second step is to apply the foundation only on the top and bottom of the brows, then blend.
Done with the eyebrow, moving on to the eyeshadows which is the most fun part here. First thing that I did was, I applied a shimmery yellow eyeshadow on my eyelid using only a finger. You can also use a matte yellow eyeshadow if you like (because I understand some girls don't like glittery and shimmery eyeshadows), but in my case here I prefer a bit of shine on my lid so I used that instead. But apparently my camera did not pick up the shimmer very well so it is looks kind of matte here.

Then I applied a mixture of both orange and shimmery brown colour (almost like a light brownish-gold colour) and I blend it on my upper crease using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. If you want the orange colour to pop out more, you can always add and build the colour as you go. But for me, I still wanted to achieve those orange-warm eye makeup so that is why I added a light brown eyeshadow on it.

I used a combination of these 3 colours.
Blend all the colours together using a fluffy brush, and bring it toward the inner eye.
Did I mention I wanted to create a warm-orange look? Yes, so the next step was to add a bit of black eyeshadow on my crease. And blend it again using a fluffy brush to avoid any harshline, and make it look smoother.

Never leave your lower lashline alone! I put the same colours that I used before to my lower lashline. Refer to the pictures below:

Taraaa.. This is the finish look!
And girls, don't forget your lips as well. It need some attention too! If you have any orange lipstick, or even a red with orange undertone lipstick, go ahead. Just rock it! But since I don't own any bright orange lipstick, instead I applied some orange eyeshadow on my lips (I did apply a white eyeshadow base on it first, in order to make the orange colour to pop out more), then I applied an orange lip pigment on my lips using a lip brush.

3CE Lip Pigment
The final result
That's it girls. Hope you enjoy reading today's blogpost. I am currently trying to keep updating my blog as frequent as possible by posting more about beauty stuff for you! Hope you will like it. Stay tuned for more, insyaAllah. Have a nice day! XOXO.

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  1. waww... super love..<3 very pretty eyes and lips..

  2. Love the lip pigment! Although I dont have that shade.

    1. i dont really like orange lip colour.. but that time i decided to used one :)


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