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June 30, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

It's already been a few months since I last wearing contact lenses. Sometimes I feel too lazy to put it on since I have to give it an extra care so it doesn't irritates my eyes. But recently I was looking at my friend's Facebook (click here), and she is actually selling a lot of beauty products from Korea, and Japan, including contact lenses. So yeah I told her that I was looking for a nice design contact lens (showing some support to my friend's online business here), and she gave me a lists of contact lens available with a lot of designs and colours that I can choose.

Some of the contact lenses available. Pretty, right?
Since my eyes is quite small, or you can say 'sepet' lah, so I need a lens that can actually make my eyes appear bigger. Then my friend told me all the lenses that she's selling are in 16-17mm which is quite big. So happy! Woot! Woot! As I was looking through all the contact lenses available, there was this one design that caught my attention. It has a 'rose' pattern on it. I thought it would be cool to have a rose pattern on your eyeball, right? Haha!

So yeah, I chose that instead. It cost me Rm29 including postage and casing. And hey guess what? My friend is kind enough to send me another contact lens for free! And it is in pink colour. I never wear any pink contact lens before, but I accepted it anyway because I want to give it a try and see how it looks on me.

Well, actually if you noticed, there were a lot of online sellers that sell the exact same contact lens like my friend here, but I was too lazy to search around and looking for a trusted sellers. So I just bought it from my friend instead. A lot easier for me, and yes of course for you too if you want to buy a product from her hihi

Luxury 18 Pink
Luxury 29 Grey

Do you believe if I say contact lenses can help to change your whole look?

So this is me without any contact lens:

Picture of me wearing Luxury 18 Pink:

Picture of me wearing Luxury 29 Grey:

I look cuter and 10 years younger, right? pffttt... Haha!
Price: Rm29 (include postage and casing)
Instagram: @ichashopaholic
Wechat ID: rishalee00
Contact Number: +60135411006

By the way, just in case if you're curious to know about my 'friend' that I keep mentioning here, she is actually my collegemate back in 'zaman-zaman Diploma' at Politeknik Kota Kinabalu. And believe me, she looks different now. Why? Remember I mentioned she sell a beauty products from Korea and Japan? Well, look at her now :)

Screenshot direct from her instagram bhahaha! Sorry Icha.

Contact her to see what products that she used.
Thanks for your time!

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