5 Simple Tips For Wearing Red Lipstick

June 21, 2015

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When I was a kid, I love to played with my aunt's red lipstick. For me, it was a very beautiful lip colour, and yes I still love red lipstick until now. It makes my face appear sexier, makes your lips look fuller, and most important it helps your whole face look classy and elegant. But not all women out there are brave enough to wear this beautiful red lipstick since it is a very bright and bold colour. Here, let me share a simple tips for you:

1. Know your right shade: Red comes with many shades that suitable for various skin colours. You just have to play around and try every shades, then find out which one is the best for your skintone. As for me, I have a brighter skin colour and I found that my skintone work best with a true red colour. I did tried a red lipstick with orange-undertone but it just doesn't look good on me. So I stick to a classy red colour instead. For a very dark skintone, you should probably choose for a darker shades of red lipcolour. Maybe a red with maroon or purple-ish undertone? Keep trying and find the best red for you. It may take some time, so be patient. You can even ask for a recommendations from a professional.

2. Line your lips: As you can tell, red is a very bright and bold colour. And it is very easy to mess up when you applying the lipstick on. Try to line your lip first to give yourself a guideline on a shape that you want. It also helps to create a clean line. For this step, you can use a red lip liner, or a small lip brush. 

3. Check your teeth: This is one of the most embarrassing thing that could happen when you're wearing  red lipstick. But there are a few simple ways that you can do to prevent the lipstick from getting on your teeth. Make sure to blot your lips using a tissue paper after putting on the red liptick. Or, your can do the famous way (also my favourite way), insert your clean thumb into your mouth, close your mouth, and pull your finger out. You will notice some of the lipstick inside your lips will be transfer to your thumb. Keep repeating 2 or 3 times until you're sure there is no excess lipstick left inside your lips.

4. Make it last longer: Because red lipstick is too gorgeous and classy, you might wanna make it last  the whole day. What you can do is, apply a concealer or foundation on top of your lips. It can help to pop out the colour even more. After you done applying the red lipstick on, make sure to blot your lips and put on a powder using a makeup brush. Then apply the lipstick again on the second time. That should keep your lipstick last longer.

5. Glossy or Matte: Do you prefer a matte, or glossy red lip colour? This is actually depends on the type of makeup that you want to create. If you want a fuller and shine lips, you can top up with a clear or red lipgloss on top after you're done apply the red lipstick on. But if you prefer matte, try to go for a matte red lipstick instead. But you have to make sure your lips is not dry otherwise you can see the crack and it will never look good.

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