Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty

May 24, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

For a hundred times, here I am once again apologizing for not frequently update my blog. Last two weeks I was focusing on my final examination and it was one of a hellahh moment for me. Well, that's what I got for taking an extra subject in one semester! Well that is done, now let us now focus on a new makeup brush by our lovely Sabrina Tajudin, a Face Luxe Brush is finally available for everyone!

Product Descriptions:
"Face Luxe Brush is a multitasking brush that works great with both powders and liquid formula products. It creates a soft focus airbrush finish to your skin. Best used in buffing and padding motion. It features soft dome sculted shape and ultra soft (non-animal hair) synthetic bristles for an effortless, seamless and natural effect makeup application".

Personally I think this product is so amazing. I mean, just look at the packaging. With a lace flower design, and a gold brand and product's name printed on the box and on the handle make it looks fancy. The handle is in white colour, the ferrule as you can see is in rose gold metal, and the bristle is in dark brown with a white colour on top.

As you can see, the size of the handle is quite big, and it has a big dome shape on top. Yes it so fluffy I know! And so soft too! The moment when I immediately took it off from the box, I kept playing and touching the bristles because it is one of the softest brush I have ever had! Oh yes, just like in the product description mentioned, Face Luxe Brush is safe for Muslim user, cruelty free, no animal hair were used in the making of this brush. So no worries my dear friends.

This brush is best use for face powder, powder foundation, loose powder, liquid foundation, and even bronzer. The award for the best multitasking face brush goes to Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty! *clap! *clap! When I applied my liquid foundation using this brush, there was no streaky marks left on my face as this fluffy dome shape brush helps to blend it perfectly. And I also tried on my pressed powder, and bronzer using the same brush, and girl you wanna buy this product and try it out for yourself! Flawless bebeh flawless! :)

My final look after applied liquid foundation, face powder, and bronzer using Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty

Don't worry for the price, it is quite affordable. Rm45 for this amazing multitasking, and luxury looking face brush? No problem, right? But heyy great news, now Breena Beauty is selling this brush with an introduction price which available only for Rm39! And other new product might be coming out soon too! Yassss bebeh yasss.... 

p/s: will keep supporting you Sab.....

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*this product had been given to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own experience and thoughts, and might be differ from others.

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  1. Looovvvveee ttthiisss!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. glad to know you're enjoyed reading my blogpost.. thanks Sab!! goodluck on your new business :)


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