Playing Makeup with Maybelline

March 24, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Today is Tuesday and I'm suppose to be in college right now coz I have a class at 12:15pm (now already 12:55pm) but I woke up today and I feel dizzy and for some reason I feel like I wanna throw up! And my stomach feels weird too. Maybe because I didn't sleep well for the past few days? I don't know. So I decided to stay at home instead and update some blogpost for you (hopefully my lecturer didn't see this haha!). 

But heyyyy.... I got some Maybelline makeup arrived last week! They didn't even tell me they was gonna send a products so ofcourse I was surprise. As far as I remember, I did not buy anything online for a few months now, but then suddenly a package arrived and have a bunch of Maybelline products inside. I was confused haha! But then I remembered I did post about Maybelline contest last month here in my blog. So I guess that is why they send me these babies. Oh btw, if you still haven't read it, click here.

- Blush Em! Blushstudio (code: 04 I Love Pink)
- Magnum Mascara (Waterproof Black)
- Hypercosmos Trio (code:Venus Gold)
- Color Sensational Lip Polish (code: Pop 6)
- Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick (code: Are You Red-Dy)
- Color Show Eyeliner (Blue)
- Hyper Sharp Liner (Soft Black)

For this Hypercosmos Trio eyeshadow, as you can see it provide three different colours. It is shimmery but still very pigmented. I did some swatches and the colours transfer very well but only by fingers. If you apply it on your lids using a makeup brush, I don't think the colours will be as pigmented as the picture above. 

I really love the design of this eyeliner. Same as the name itself, the applicator is super sharp which helps the eyeliner application goes easier especially for newbies. It is also easy for you to control  it while you make the line and the wing because of that thin and sharp brush.

I got lipstick and lipgloss both in red colour. Good thing they send me a bright and bold colour because I love experimenting bright lip colours. We shall see the end result both of the products at the end of this post and tell me what you think ^_^

This is actually my second time using this Magnum Mascara. I like it because the applicator is thin and a bit curvy which it is easier for me to apply it on my short and 'hard to work with' eyelash. Because it is waterproof, after I curled my eyelash and as soon as I applied the product, it really holds my eyelash and maintain the 'curliness' *very dramatic choice of word haha! However, the only problem is, my eyelash was clumpy after I applied it on. But hey, I wear fake lashes anyway so no big deal I guess :)

Swatches (from left)
- Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick 
- Color Sensational Lip Polish
- Blush Em! Blushstudio
- Color Show Eyeliner

So few days ago I got some free time to play around with these things. I don't have any particular idea on what makeup look I would make, but I just used all of the products above. So yeah, nothing special actually. Btw, instead of using the Hyper Sharp Liner, I used different product for the pictures below since the colour of the Hyper Sharp Liner is too soft for me. 

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