Golden Rose Cosmetics (REVIEW)

February 08, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Recently, a new makeup line is finally came in Malaysia. And guess what? It is from Turkey! Woot! Woot! (showing some excitement here). Golden Rose Cosmetics is actually available in 90 other countries and finally, it is now the first Turkish brand that has entered to our (Malaysian) market. And the most important part here is that Golden Rose Cosmetics is definitely safer to use for Muslim, so yayy!

Let's talk about the products that I got. From the picture above, you can see that they had send me 3 different shades of lipstick, a blush, liquid eyeliner, lip liner, and also a brow pencil. I was so glad that I could try these new babies, and I found out the quality of the products is good and surprisingly you can get all Golden Rose Cosmetics products with a very affordable prices. Nice, right? 

That is the liquid eyeliner that I got from Golden Rose Cosmetics Malaysia. I love how the colour is in a blackest black, and when I applied it, it doesn't gives a shiny result (matte). But the only things that I'm not interest with is the applicator, which is a bit thicker and it is hard for me to do the line smoothly as I'm more interest with a thin applicator. But then, I looked onto their website and I saw other liquid eyeliner available but with a thinner applicator (just as i prefer) and it is also in a cheaper price compare with the one I got here. Yeah they actually provide two different eyeliner that you can choose. View it here. But for those who are not comfortable using a thin applicator, you can definitely try the thick one here.

Look how pigmented it is! To be honest, I'm not a fan of a blush but I was actually amazed with this one. I only swatch it once, and you can see the colour transferred very well using finger or a blush brush. The price is only Rm22.00. So nice, right? Oh they have 10 other selective colours that you can choose, and mine here is in code 209.

These are the other products that I got from Golden Rose Cosmetics Malaysia. For the Dream Eyebrow Pencil, I got the one in code 305 which the colour is a bit lighter for me. It is in a light brown colour (i prefer a dark brown instead) but it's okay though. I can always darken it using an eyeshadow or a brow powder. So talk about this eyebrow pencil, I love how it is so easy to used, and the eyebrow brush is also provided. I was not having any difficulty when I drew my eyebrow using this product except like I mentioned before, the colour is a bit lighter lah.

And the lipsticks, OMG these are actually my favourite of them all. Velvet Matte Lipstick, not only it is matte, but it glides easily on the lips. You can see from the picture above, I did some swatches just for you to see how pigmented and beautiful it looks. Btw, did you notice all the products are only came out with a number on it? Similar with the lipsticks, they don't have a particular name for each shades but instead they used a number to differentiate. Hey hey, it smells really nice too! It has a very nice scent on it without feeling uncomfortable wearing it. Just nice :)

Below are my pictures using ALL the products given.
Velvet Matte Lipstick no.13
Kinda like hot fuchsia colour.
Velvet Matte Lipstick no.15
With orange undertone
Velvet Matte Lipstick no.19
Burgundy or dark red maybe?

Just in case you're wondering, here are the price list of all the items above:
  • Liquid Eyeliner (Rm18.00)
  • Silky Touch Blush-On (Rm22.00)
  • Dream Eyebrow Pencil (Rm15.00)
  • Lipliner (Rm17.00)
  • Velvet Matte Lipstick (Rm22.00)
Available at:
Instagram: @goldenrosemalaysia

*all products were send out to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion and may be differ from others.

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  1. Menariknya.

    Harga pun mampu milik.


  2. Salam! Niceee~ sy baru terjumpa website Golden Rose ni, cari review kat google kua blog ni..bestnyee..nak try lipstick no.19 lah..btw nak tanya, u pakai tu dgn lip liner or tak ya? Untuk lipstick 19 tu, u pakai lip liner apa? Looks perfecto! :D

    1. wsalam.. tak yunk, i tak pakai lipliner... just lipstick no.15 tu je pakai lipliner dari golden rose code 205 kat atas tu :) btw, thanks^^


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